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What clients and professionals in digital marketing have to share about their experience working with Bonnie. My success comes from your success!

Chef Site SEO Testimonial For SEO Services From Bonnie Burns

As a chef/owner I do not know much about SEO and after almost a year of researching different companies I came across yours. Your whole team had made me feel comfortable and worked very closely with me and were very quick to respond to any of my concerns. Your team brought my site from page 79 to page 2 instantly I was very impressed with the results a 179% change in ranking and we just keep moving along. Bonnie has been a great joy to work with as well with her attention to detail as well as her overall performance. I have recommended your company to many because I believe in your team. I look forward to many more years to come. Chef Kurt Concept Catering by CK

Small Business SEO Testimonial For Bonnie Burns

Although our company is not new in business, it’s new with the internet business. After launching our web-site in 2006 we realized it takes more then a nice web-site to get ranking and sales. We came across EcomBuffet and words such as SEO, Blog and ranking became like second nature to us. Every one in this company is nice and patient enough so even the not-so-seo speaking person can understand those terms. Bonnie has been an extreme help in every step of the way, explaining and being patient to work with (and I “harassed” her on a weekly basis) and on top of all a fun person! Oh... and of course, now our site gets top rankings in 20(!!) top search engines and we are only half way though!!! Noa Ostrow www.big-baby.com

Online Optical business Site Testimonial on SEO Services With Bonnie Burns

I would like to take a few minutes and say thank you to ecombuffet and all their staff for their services and expertise. Our online optical business has thousands of products and didn't know where to start for potential keywords. Bonnie, Director of search engine services took the time to talk with me and help choose the best keywords and phrases possible. Scott, Director of Web Development & Copywriting services helped me with some technical questions and copywriting pages. Jennifer Horowitz and Bonnie,  helped me better understand SEO and answered a ton of questions. She helped me set up a Blog and trained me on the best way to use it. Jennifer also helped me set up a Face book fan page. As a result of Ecombuffet and their staff of professionals our keyword visibility have increased significantly for not just one or two keywords, but many keywords and phrases. I would recommend Ecombuffet to anyone looking to get results from an honest company and a great staff to work with. Daniel Louallen RxFramesNLenses.com

Business Site Testimonial on SEO Services From Bonnie Burns

“After having had a bad experience with another SEO provider, it was a huge relief to find Ecombuffet.com. From the very beginning they blew me away with their customer service, promptness and reliability. If they say they're going to do something for you, they're going to do it, do it well, and on time! Months into the process, organic search results from SEO have produced the most hits and the most sales of all of the things I'm doing to get my site found out there. “ Amber McCracken PoppyClementine.com

Client Testimony On SEO Services

EcomBuffet were a great help with improving our SEO. They pinpointed numerous problems and offered descriptive suggestions for how to fix these problems. They were very thorough with the information they provided and did not try to trick us into paying for more than we needed. Gareth Lewis www.Tesint.com SEO Audit

Wholesale Wedding Superstore Testimonial On SEO Services

Thanks Bonnie. We are so busy at the moment with the WWS site, with your SEO help that site is seeing a 30% increase in sales this year. Really amazing and we are having trouble keeping up Kind Regards Amanda, Wholesale Wedding Superstore www.wholesaleweddingsuperstore.com.au

Laura B Testimonial On Bonnie Burns SEO Services

OK everyone, pay very close attention… I am a client of the incredible Bonnie Burns since 2005 who is simply THE BEST SEO Master in our country and beyond! She is up to speed on every single algorithm changes, algorithm additions, things about algorithms that you and I could never fathom, details in facts and bits of information (and you know how much that is in the fast- paced industry) that are critical when it comes to your website optimization and beyond. She is so brilliant yet has the ability to explain everything in simple English so you can understand SEO complexity and its importance without having to be a deer in the headlights. She misses no angles, no facts and no detail and understands the ENTIRE big picture and what it takes for true SEO optimization! And let me tell you, that is not an easy task, nor do many people have that knowledge. In this ever-changing market of Google algorithms (and other companies) competition and people who “claim“ that they know what they’re doing or truly believe that they do, Bonnie Burns DOES KNOW and is the go-to person across-the-board including other SEO masters who reach out to her for advice. They go to Bonnie when they need counsel! She’s like the doctors doctor. She combines her extreme knowledge with critical thinking and just knows what she’s doing. She can ramble the facts, the must-haves, the must nots and the must do’s when it comes to website optimization off of her tongue seamlessly. She’s that brilliant!!! Get in line because she’s in high demand but worth the wait. Letting her optimize your site will be a dream come true and I cannot express that enough!!! She is one in 1 million and the cream of the crap so just go for it, whatever it takes! You will N0T regret it!
Laura B Historic Phoenix Home Realtor

Client Bette Zerba Testimonial About Bonnie Burns SEO Services

It was hard to select just 3 attributes as Bonnie held all of them If it was not for Bonnie's SEO services, I would not have the success I have today. Over 95% of my real estate business comes though the many web sites Bonnie has designed, optimized and which have achieved top placements across the major search engines. Just one closing or listing paid 10 times over for the success of a highly ranked web site. Bonnie Burns  has been an excellent person to work with, she is honest, straight forward and always available to me. Well worth it for any Realtor who needs to improve their web site rankings. She is the best I have found and her results are well documented and proven to work Bette Zerba Professional Realty Services - Designated Broker

Mike Buck Testimonial On SEO with Bonnie Burns

"Bonnie Burns is one of few competent SEO professionals I've met in the industry. Bonnie has the technical background and persistent, consistent work ethic to produce phenomenal results with Search-Engine-friendly optimization tactics. I have a deep appreciation for Bonnie's straight forward (even conservative) advice in the SEO arena... which is hard to come by in an industry where hype and over-promise seem to be the norm. During the years I've worked with Bonnie Burns, relying on her skills has proven to be a safe bet!" Mike Buck, Ace Copywriter & Direct Response Marketer

Rick Walsh Testimonial of SEO Services

Bonnie provided superior SEO services to our company. Because of her work, our online traffic and sales have increased. I would highly recommend using Bonnie, her expertise and friendliness are unmatched. Rick Walsh Samaritan Senior Care, LLC

Rick Walsh
Samaritan Senior Care, LLC / Samaritan Senior Care, LLC

Innovation Garden Digital Marketing

Possessing over 20 years experience in website optimization, Bonnie has her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing requirements and procedures of the plethora of search engines available... This is no easy task as anyone who has slipped beyond the all-important “Page 1” can attest! Having optimized over 1800 web sites during her career, Bonnie expertly implements the knowledge gained en route to her BS in Psychology from Clark University (MA) to enable her to think in ways that will keep the client’s website relevant and vital. Indeed, her favorite thing to do is conquer a challenge and get top visibility in competitive areas. Her success stems from the fact that SEO cannot be automated. There are wonderful tools of the trade that help industry professionals find issues and concerns, but the human component of SEO is crucial because humans ultimately determine if a particular search query was met or not. Bonnie looks at every facet of a single page of a website, blog post, social media platform, and local reputations because those results affect the entire site and, ultimately, the overall success of the business. Make no mistake, Bonnie works tirelessly for every single one of our clients, yet she does so with a charm and wit that endears her to colleagues and clients alike... We’re confident you’ll agree. Innovationgarden/Worksiteventures

Manal Richa

Bonnie knows her SEO! She is very detail oriented and always up-to-date on the latest. She helps clients navigate the maze of SEO and makes it fun and appealing. Bonnie is very systematic in her approach with the focus on results. I highly recommend her.

Manal Richa Business Strategies, Management, Marketing, Training, Faculty

Manal Richa
Business Strategies, Management, Marketing, Training, Faculty

SEO Testimonial From Jennifer Henry Horowitz - Ecombuffet

Bonnie was a valued and crucial part of my team for 15 years - during that time I watched Bonnie connect with our clients, advocate for them, work hard for them and deliver results we were proud to report on.  Bonnie is kind, hard working, funny, authentic, a true team player and always willing to go above and beyond.  I sold my business and went in a different direction and I still contact Bonnie regularly for advice, tips and help. She is always current, knowledgeable and so generous with her time and talents. Bonnie is a true legend in the SEO field, retaining her quick wit, intelligence, knowledge and creative strategies while others have burnt out and moved on. Bonnie rises to the challenge.  On the side I watched Bonnie run her own marketing campaigns and generate revenue and leads. She always kept me apprised on all that she did and learned and she used that side work to hone her skills and take her skills to the next level. I wholeheartedly recommend Bonnie for anyone looking for a hard working, loyal, and brilliant SEO strategist. I can tell you that you won't find a better solution. Below is just a sample of past client results based o the SEO work performed by Bonnie. Please contact me for specifics and results, I have 15+ years of praise and results I can share with you.

Site Top 20 Rankings Before EcomBuffet Top 20 Rankings With EcomBuffet Improvement




























Jennifer Henry Horowitz Ecombuffet. Director of Marketing Marketing and Digital Asset Management 647-291-9707

Jennifer Henry Horowitz
Ecombuffet/ Marketing and Digital Asset Management
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