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Possessing over 20 years experience in website optimization, Bonnie has her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing requirements and procedures of the plethora of search engines available… This is no easy task as anyone who has slipped beyond the all-important “Page 1” can attest!

Having optimized over 1800 web sites during her career, Bonnie expertly implements the knowledge gained en route to her BS in Psychology from Clark University (MA) to enable her to think in ways that will keep the client’s website relevant and vital. Indeed, her favorite thing to do is conquer a challenge and get top visibility in competitive areas.

Her success stems from the fact that SEO cannot be automated. There are wonderful tools of the trade that help industry professionals find issues and concerns, but the human component of SEO is crucial because humans ultimately determine if a particular search query was met or not. Bonnie looks at every facet of a single page of a website, blog post, social media platform, and local reputations because those results affect the entire site and, ultimately, the overall success of the business.

Make no mistake, Bonnie works tirelessly for every single one of our clients, yet she does so with a charm and wit that endears her to colleagues and clients alike…

We’re confident you’ll agree.


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