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My ‘WebSite Surgery’ Is A Brutally Honest, No-Holds Barred Blueprint Revealing Exactly How To Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generation, Sales-Closing Machine to Maximize Your Profits from Every Website Visitor

Does it seem like your competition is generating business with ease, while you struggle to increase sales from your website?

Most site owners and web designers throw together a site that looks good but they don’t give much thought to the proven fundamentals of marketing – the core power-techniques that are responsible for bringing ‘new money’ to your business. Therefore, they suffer the consequences of sparse and sporadic website activity, never achieving any consistent or sustained profits.

How do you avoid these costly mistakes?

First you turn your website into a finely tuned, powerfully effective marketing machine. Only then can you expect to get maximum profit from your existing and future traffic.

With an uncertain economy and ruthless, global competition online, you have no choice but to make sure your website converts maximum visitors into maximum dollars for your business. Otherwise, you’re just turning away profits that can easily be yours.
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And if you’ve never had your website reviewed and critiqued by an experienced and successful marketer, you can be certain that you’re missing out on extra sales and profits that should be going in your pocket.

But before I make any promises about what we can do for you, let me share some real-world results that we’ve helped others achieve:

One of our clients in the personal safety industry pulled in $51,437 as a result of our surgery.

Another attributes $11,400 per month in additional business directly to our marketing advice (before we stepped in, their seowebsite generated zero sales)

A third is generating *$1.6 Million* in additional annual revenues as a direct result of implementing our ideas.

As you can see, we’re well-versed in marketing. And we know how to draw the attention of your ideal audience, qualify your best prospects, and skillfully guide them to take your desired action. Whether you want to increase site navigation, lead generation, website sales, or improve the quality of your incoming leads, we can help.

We can uncover simple, yet powerful marketing ‘gems’ that can be applied to your website for little or no cost. Yet once applied, they can make a significant impact on your bottom line, now and for months and years to come.

Your WebSite Surgery is an exclusive report on YOUR web site.

It will give you a direct path to unleashing the hidden revenue streams within your site. It’s not uncommon for us to uncover a huge, windfall opportunity that you can leverage into immediate profits.

Here’s a sample of what we look for in the WebSite Surgery for your website:

How to gain the competitive edge in your field, and ethically “steal” new business from your competition. And how to effectively “lock out” your competition, and make it nearly impossible for them to take business away from you.

How to instantly grab the attention of your visitors within seconds of landing at your website, and ‘glue’ them to your marketing message.

How to avoid the #1 mistake that can immediately send visitors away from your website. (Hint: Does your site open with some version of “Welcome to our website?”) We’ll show you how to avoid this common mistake, and effectively “greet” your website visitors in a way that appeals to their utmost desires.

How to establish credibility and rapport with your prospects to break the barrier of skepticism. ease their worries. and make them comfortable and willing to buy from you.

How to stimulate interest, desire, and enthusiasm for your products or services and skillfully encourage more of your prospects to take your MDA (Most Desired Action) -navigate your site, call you for info, opt-in to your list, request a free consultation, make a purchase, etc.

How to increase the number of leads your generate. And cherry-pick the best, most qualified leads that are most likely to buy from you.

How to put automated “systems” in place that follow up with your prospects for you. So when your prospects are ready to buy, YOU are the logical choice – not your competition.

And other proven techniques to boost your conversion rates and increase the profitability of your website.

Our experience has shown that virtually all websites have room for improvement.

That’s because nearly all business owners and entrepreneurs are excellent at what they do, and know their business inside and out. Yet they are not necessarily experts in direct response sales and marketing strategy.

That’s where we come in. And our superior sales and marketing strategies fill the gaps and contribute to the accelerated growth and profitability of your website.

With your WebSite Surgery, you’ll be better equipped than your competitors who lack the highly effective strategies you’ll soon posses. You’ll also have the insider techniques to kick your leads and sales into high gear. avoiding thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue in the future.

So the next natural step would be to start promoting your website and driving targeted visitors through your newly refined ‘sales machine.’

After you receive your WebSite Surgery, we can discuss how we can fix all the problems and provide you with other solutions to improve your online reputation With your WebSite Surgery, you’ll soon be ready to convert more of your website visitors into leads and sales.

Who Is Bonnie Burns – seo strategist? Possessing over 20 years experience in website optimization, Bonnie has her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing requirements and procedures of the plethora of search engines available… This is no easy task as anyone who has slipped beyond the all-important “Page 1” can attest! Bonnie is available for hire! Full-time, Part-time, contract.
Why Your Website Needs To See The SEO Doctor
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Why Your Website Needs To See The SEO Doctor
My WebSite Surgery is a brutally honest, no-holds barred blueprint revealing exactly how to turn your website into a lead generator. Our experience has shown that virtually all websites have room for improvement. Your WebSite Surgery is an exclusive report on YOUR web site.
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Bonnie Burns
Bonnie Burns
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