What is SEO? And is SEO Worth It?

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What is SEO? (As Defined by 40+ SEO Experts)

‘SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Three little words that, for most people, invoke equal parts cold sweat and wild hopes as far as the success of their business is concerned.what is seo? Ask Bonnie Burns

But for many beginners, their SEO journey ends before it even begins. White‐hat versus black‐hat? Site audits? Backlink profiles? URL Rating and Keyword Difficulty? No thank you—I’ll be over here hitting “promote” on some Facebook posts.

As for more seasoned marketers, the struggle to keep up with an industry that moves at breakneck pace is real. What if the next Google algorithm update tanks my organic traffic? Will the tactics I’m using now still be relevant three years on? What should I be focusing on?

Somewhere along the line, we all end up asking the same question:

What is SEO, really? And is it all worth it?’
Let’s ask the SEO experts – which includes my answer.
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What is SEO? And is SEO Worth It?
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What is SEO? And is SEO Worth It?
What is SEO, really? Is SEO worth it? Let’s ask the top 40 SEO experts - which includes my answer to what SEO is and how I practice SEO services.
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